How it all began

Our story

It is true, “Passion Led Us Here!”   We have been working hand-in-hand with our customers to discuss their vision and goals for more than a decade.  It is in this initial meeting that we strive to make a connection with you and learn about your business objectives and market niche.  Listening to your story and understanding your targeted market strategies helps us facilitate the best solution for your business.  In order to best serve you, we must invest this time to getting to know your business better.  This beginning step drives our service and gives purpose to our work!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop a purpose for your service.  This is where we are getting to know you and your business needs.  Once we have establish this, our goal is to work effortlessly to achieving your business objectives.  We know how important communication is, so as we are working together to develop your business solutions, we make sure you are up to speed with any updates and/or changes as they arise.  Inventive Website Hosting is not just interested in a paycheck, we are interested in our customers and enjoy taking part in their journey!  We have learned that the best reward is when our customers come back for more service or even refer others.  This lets us know that we are focused in the right areas when helping people reach their business goals.   

Why Choose Us

Benefit 1

We LISTEN to customers!

Benefit 2

Our cost is competitive

Benefit 3

We bring results

Benefit 4

We maintain communication

Client Testimonials

“I used Inventive Website Hosting to develop and host my venue website. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for website related work!"
“We needed a custom application for our manufacturing company. Inventive Website Hosting delivered a paperless system used for tracking various manufacturing process efficiencies within our plant. GREAT customer service throughout the contract!”
“Inventive Website Hosting built a custom website for our paint and body shop company. We plan to use them again for other projects down the road.”

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