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Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is an ideal service option for customers with a small to medium size business that do not require extensive storage to host their website.  Starting at:

$19.95 monthly
$59.95 monthly

SEO Services

Our SEO Services take your website to the next level. That is, it generates traffic for your website that otherwise would not even know your website existed.  Starting at:

$59.95 monthly

Website Development

We specialize in static website development and WordPress website development.  Each of these services have their pros and cons.  Monthly plans and one-time pricing starting at:

$19.95 monthly
$249.95 one-time

Ecommerce Starter Package $149.95 monthly

Custom Applications

Using our Custom Application service grants your business a bit more flexibility. We offer monthly and one-time pricing plans starting at:
$249.95 monthly $2,449.95 one-time
A Benefit / Feature

Bundle Your Services and Save!

Inventive Website Hosting offers bundled packages that allow you to save on your selected services.  This is ideal for customers that require more than one solution to get their business up and going.  For example, if you need a website developed, you will also need somewhere to host it.  This is where Inventive Website Hosting offers discounts to our customers!  Contact us today to learn more.  


Yes, you can cancel your hosting service anytime.  The service is based on a monthly agreement.  If you decide to cancel service, your last payment will be prorated for the remaining days left in the month.

A typical website can be built in a 2 – 4 week period.  However, this time frame varies depending on complexity of customer requirements.   

We cannot guarantee your website will reach the top search pages of Google, but we also will not charge you full SEO prices until your site reaches the planned expectation. 

We do not offer 24/7 customer service, but we will do our best to respond within a 24 hour window from the time your inquiry was submitted. 

Client Testimonials

“I used Inventive Website Hosting to develop and host my venue website. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for website related work!”
"We needed a custom application for our manufacturing company. Inventive Website Hosting delivered a paperless system used for tracking various manufacturing process efficiencies within our plant. GREAT customer service throughout the contract!"
“Inventive Website Hosting built a custom website for our paint and body shop company. We plan to use them again for other projects down the road.”

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